One of my new hobbies: drawing stuff in 3D. After having discovered Blender and Inkscape I've become thoroughly hooked. For those who don't know, Blender is a powerful free 3D graphics software. I usually make the textures in Inkscape, a vector graphics editor (also pretty great).

One of my first walk cycles. As you can see the pants need some work! The skin texture is made with a modified 'embossed leather' filter in inkscape.
A simple low poly 'floating radar drone'. Simple gradient and metallic effects are pretty easy in Inkscape. The texture on the sphere uses the 'canvas bumps, matte' filter. The grid on the sphere was easily made be tracing and modifying the uv map from blender. Blender Portfolio
Blender Portfolio Meet Bella the elephant! Based on my wife's real-life plush toy, Bella is the first real blender model I've made. Here you can see her just chilling on a desert island!
A simple space fighter. Thanks to Silviu Firulete for the background image. Blender Portfolio
Blender Portfolio A simple schematic of the above space ship.
Low poly model of a classic 'flying saucer' UFO. The star is a simple Inkscape circle with a pixel smear, while the texture of the UFO 'cockpit' was made using the 'cracked glass' filter. Blender Portfolio
Blender Portfolio This picture is a bit of the odd one out on this page, since it was made entirely in inkscape. It's supposed to be a bit of 'Attack On Titan' fan-art. (It's Eren Jaeger)